About Parents United . . .

Parents United is a coalition of 27 school districts in collaboration with educators, community resources and related service providers focused on empowering parents of children with disabilities to become effective advocates and informed decision-makers. This non-profit community-based organization provides regular informational workshops featuring experts presenting a wide range of topics relative to students with disabilities and their families. Parents United has grown exponentially since 2002-03 (it began with 4 districts) and now reaches over 1000 participants annually in a non-threatening, neutral forum that promotes communication and alleviates barriers between parents and their school districts.
Dennis Joyce, Special Education and Pupil Services Director, Retired – Founder of Parents United

Our Mission

Parents United is a non-profit consortium of 27 special education departments that have joined to provide an educational community service. The mission of the group is to present timely and relevant information in a neutral forum for parents and professionals who work with children. The lectures and presentations offered each school year provide links, knowledge and networking to the community for the ultimate benefit of our students.

The Board

Parents United is funded and governed by the special education directors of the 25 member districts. An Executive Board is elected every 2 years and meets at least 4 times a year to determine programs, speakers and operational procedures under the adopted By-Laws.

Members of the current Executive Board are: